Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Installing Selectives T4 Maple 25 In. Wide Custom Closet Organizer

Don't get me wrong, I am not here to give you step by step instructions that are already included with the unit. I am here to save you from saying "Oh I wish I should have done that" after you are done installing. In a way, to provide you idea of loopholes and suggestions, to make your installation a satisfactory success. With every installation you learn one new step towards perfection..Here is what I learnt :-)

Preferably, If you have availability I would suggest two people for installation. Two brains work better anyways, IF both work in harmony :-) Me n Naveen (my luv) worked together to get it done. Important points:

  • Do your measurements properly.
  • Unit is very fragile and it can collapse very easily if you waver for a second. So don't let is stand alone even for a while else you will end up buying another one. Keep it flat on ground once you have fixed two halves.
  • Drilling, drilling and drilling is what you will need to be prepared. Charge your drill well, try to find studs, if you have option .... we didn't had this option :-( Its more secure if you can locate the studs and mount you unit on it. Use number 5 from left, for u can see in the image the one that has paint on it.

  • While installing the shelves, don't twist the screws too hard. They are fragile too, breaks very easily. But they are the best when it comes to support.

  • Let one person hold it to the wall and one do the drilling. Another important point, unit should be straight even if you have small wall trim running underneath, try NOT to push unit to the wall, just place it straight and forget the millimeters of space you may see behind the cabinets. Its more secure that way. 

  • Don't forget the door stopper. Use only ONE.

  • Very important point: We bought brackets that goes on top separately, so we missed it. Selectives brackets are 48" (no more or less)so prefer this distance on both sides. we had just 44" on both and i needed more space on one side. We ended up getting the brackets cut to fit...two trips to home depot.
  • Hidden expense. We already had a bracket installed on one side so I cut the bracket to fit the area. But ended up buying this bracket and screws to work with it. Second image shows the bracket support provided but not included with bracket from selectives (means you pay additional for supports :-))), but they look super cool.

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