Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Some Background

I have been thinking and thinking what would be the most appealing article I could right from my life. Best I could come up is the thing I spend most of my time doing......ORGANIZING. Ha ha ....I am mother of two small tiny tots..and they keep me out of mind half the time. On the top of that I have been totally un-organized person throughout my life. I finally decide to overcome the curse of my mismanagement and geared up to get my time back (the time that i spend putting things back on place and searching for things i loose becoz of my mismanagement). So my quest for Being Organized started back in the beginning of last year. And its one thing that has been going on. I am sure its the never ending process but then it did helped me a tons, so I decided not to Quit ever. Though I have been failed many times, but I overcome hurdles and keep myself motivated by doing one project and then next and then next. Of course my husband and his pocket has been merciful to me and my silly projects. So, hats off to my cutie pie.

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