Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Organizing Closets

I think the most daunting task is to organize and then maintain CLOSETS. The key to closet organization is too minimize clutter and maximize space. This is the second project we started in Year 2010. I will discuss first one later. We have two walk in closets. One in master bedroom and one is attached to kids room. The one in kids room is far from getting attention as both are tiny tots and it will take a while till they start making mess (In the closets). Other than that they create enough mess all around.
Anyways back to topic. I hated the idea of keeping all the clothing open on the shelvings provided with the house. Every time you pull a cloth, whole pile comes down. Luckily while browsing in HomeDepot I came across this fantastic clearance item. It was our anniversery on 22 nd of Jan ..We completed 6 beautiful years of togetherness...:-) Haaa I am so easy to waver from Topic. Every year we were gifting each other dresses, perfumes etc. But this time we decided to gift "closet organizers"..strange but we needed them more than piling up what we had.

We were lucky enough to find this deal ( we were not ready to spend fortune at the moment). So we created our special den at best price. Number one challenge we had. and think its true for most of walk in closets. One side of the closet is smaller than the other, plus we wanted to use any bracket we took out. So we started at the bigger side first. We found this wonderful product for wonderful price and it became our weekend project. I will explain installation steps later.

But as of now, this wonderful "Selectives" product solve the mess at one end. We wanted something wooden for smaller side too but couldn't find anything that fit best, so we ended up buying a Utility cabinet. It not as pretty but give us the room we wanted at the price we wanted. Assembly took me alone just one hour, but of course we both spend more than six hours assembling the "Selectives" unit.

At the end of the day we had our dream project ended on happy note. There was just one mistake but it was not a problem so it worked out great. I will explain assembly and things you should keep in mind if you are planning to get this unit.

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