Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Landscaping Project

Yes I am a renovation freek. I love working on small home improvement projects. I do end up creatng a jeopardy instead of masterpiece but i love getting into it. First project i started was landscaping our front yard as well as the back one. My biggest help in this was my father-in-law who was there in every step of the way. He rather the masterpiece i designed.
GOAL: Our goal was to give front yard a welcoming a fancy look instead of plain grass and flowers.
IDEA: We decided to install bricks all along the pathway and around the tree that sits right in the middle of the yard as well as small area around lampost on extreme right corner of the house.
Point to be noted: I was 8 month pregnant when we started and we ended when i was almost 9 and half month .....:-) but it was great welcome for the new baby.
Preparation: It took longer than what i was thinking to pick the bricks. Even the decision of choosing the color took forever. We got red color bricks to go with our shutters which are maroon and got the whole lot of it loaded in our truck, unloaded them just to find that the color looks horrible with the stone that runs all the way from bottom to top along the front door. Anyways we loaded them back (we here is my cutie husband and my father-in-law and the one's who didn't like the color are me and my mother-in-law) and returned them and started to look all over again. Finally we found just perfect match for the work but little mmmmmmm much over budget but end result was extremely pleasing and satisfactory, so we were happy.
Work: Thanks to our high motivation and tiredness of waiting to get things done, we started as soon as we got the tiles....Designing was another challenge with no matching bricks to go on the corners. Firstly we made holes in the soil to get the tiles in and to make it sure that they will be held nicely. We laid bricks all over the pathway.

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